4th Ave Route

1.3 miles

·      Exit Hotel Congress and head Easttowards Broadway taking first left (north) on 4th Avenue through theunderpass.

·      Continue North on 4thAvenue 6 blocks, turning right (east) on University Blvd. to 2ndAve.

·      On 2nd Ave turn right(south) to 6th Street.

·      At 6th St use thepedestrian crosswalk to cross to southside of 6th Steet turningright (west) to 3rd Ave.

·      At 3rd Ave turn left(south) 3 blocks to 9th St.

·      At 9th St turn right(west) to 4th Ave – cross over to westside of 4th Ave.

·      At 4th Ave turn left(south) to take underpass to Broadway/Toole intersection.  

·      Turn right (west) to enter back intoHotel Congress.