14 Mural Walk

1.85 Miles

NOTE: Construction may modify which murals can be accessed safely. Please take precautions and use this only as a rough guide. You can also join our guided Mural Walks the last Monday of every month!

The murals with a red ***  are part of the Tucson Arts Brigade program – the muralists were paid well, and part of a jury process. Local Museums, City of Tucson , Local businesses etc. voted on the entries.

1. West on Toole to corner of 6th Avenue.

Outside of Maynards turn right onto Toole, walk to 6th Ave., and look across the street!

Paco Velez is the artist, titled Chichen Itza!

2. Tucson Greeting Card Mural – north on 6th Ave through the underpass to 406 N. 6th Ave.

Right (east) on E. 7th Street to back side of Miller’s Surplus, on Arizona Ave. (no street sign.)

Created by traveling artists Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs as part of a cross-country mural project called the “Greetings Tour.” Rock Martinez contributed by adding his artwork to the letter C in TUCSON.

3. Continue North on Arizona Ave. to an extra mural, artist unknown, along Arizona Avenue toward 6th Street.  The urban legend is that the building’s owner commissioned this work to keep his property from being tagged. If you know differently please contact us!

4 and 5. Why I Love Where I Live Murals 234 E. 6th St.

North on N. Arizona Ave. to E. 6th Street.
Right on E. 6th Street


Why I Love Where I Live co-founder Kristin Tovar (a regular MMM athlete) commissioned these murals by Danny Martin on the Reproductions, Inc. building… as a birthday gift for Arizona. The left mural is a tribute to Los Apson, a Mexican rock group from Agua Prieta. The mural on the right represents how Kristin fell in love with Tucson by taking pictures.

6. Crested Eclipse Mural 536 N. 4th Ave.

  • Continue east on E. 6th Street to N. 4th Ave. and cross 4th Ave.
  • Left (north) on  N. 4th Ave. to E. 5th Street
  • This mural is in the Parking lot on the north side of Sky Bar

Rock Martinez continued his cactus people theme this year with mural of a crested saguaro lady on Fourth Avenue.

7. Star Wars Mural 600 N. 4th Ave.

Continue north

Mos Eisley Cantina  gets a Tucson remodel with this Star Wars mural created by local artist Jenna Tomasello. In this Arizona remake, Han Solo is enjoying a beer and burger in what looks like the Fourth Avenue restaurant, Tall Boys.

8. Cowboy on Bicycle Mural 534 N. Stone Ave.

Continue west on E University Blvd to N 6th Ave

Left  (south) on N 6th Ave. to 5th Street
Right (west) on E 5th St
Left (south) on N Echols Ave. When you see big empty lot, look right and back.

(On the back of Epic Rides)

 ***9. Goddess of the Agave Mural  440 N. 7th Ave.

Local muralist Joe Pagac launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund this enormous mural (130 feet wide and 30 feet tall) at Sixth Street and Stone Avenue. It features a man, woman, tortoise, javelina and jackalope riding bikes. Get close and you’ll find a hand-painted list of all the donors.

Walk straight south from mural to E. 6th Street

Left (east) on E. 6th Street

Turn right on N. 7th Ave. (corner of 6th St. and 7th Ave.)

This 40-foot creation is another Tucson mural by Rock Martinez. He also had assistance from artist, Cristina Perez. The woman in the mural is painted in the likeness of Brandi Watkins who is Martinez’s girlfriend. It’s one of eight murals done as part of the Tucson Mural Arts Program.

10. Desert Animals Mural  119 E. Toole Ave. (Back/Train side of Borderlands)

South on N. 7th – 394 ft.
Turn right to stay on N. 7th – 69 ft.

To the right of this mural continue south on 7th Ave. to Toole.

11. Harboring Beauty Mural

Left (east) on Toole, back toward 6th Ave.  Next mural will be on your left.

This mural is nick-named “Finding Nemo.” Tucson muralist Joe Pagac made this one, but you wouldn’t know it because it’s not signed. “The concept is something perceived as ugly harboring something beautiful inside and protecting it,” Pagac said. It’s only 90 percent finished and all the models were homeless people from around Tucson.

***12. Families Belong Together Mural at Alameda and Scott

Cross at the intersection of Toole and 6th Avenue onto Alameda and go right (west) to Scott Ave.

Pictured here is one of the two artists, Racheal Rios. She and Carlos Valenzuela created this in 2019.

***13. Quail and Oranges, named “Juicy” on Scott near 47 Scott

East on Alameda to Scott and turn right (south) on Scott.

This is  50-foot wide by 50-foot high mural is located in an alley by 47 Scott/Scott & Co.

14. Cobra Arcade – by El Mac

Continue on Scott to Congress

Head back along Scott to Congress, make a left to Toole, and back to Maynards you go.

and https://arizonasonoranewsservice.com/local-muralist-paints-tucson-brighter/