August 19, 2022

Beyond Raffle for 10K, 5K or $75 gift card!



Support youth programming through Beyond!

Since our founding with the tragic shooting in Tucson on January 8th, 2011, Beyond has been about fostering positive change toward healthier individuals and a stronger community.

With a growing mental health crisis and ongoing childhood obesity epidemic, there is an immense need in the community to educate young people on holistic wellness and offer opportunities for them to be active and healthy.

After a highly successful pilot program last year, Beyond is perfectly situated to lead and expand this unique and scientifically-backed program. Through Beyond Bikes, we will get diverse, underserved students outdoors and moving on bikes, learning to connect with one another and their community, and understanding their nutritional needs to help their overall health and well-being.

You can support Beyond's programming and have a chance to win something to help keep yourself healthy, as well - talk about a win-win situation!!


August 19, 2022