June 3, 2023

BEYOND Hike - June 2023


Mt Lemmon, Milepost 11 - Lower Green Mountain Trailhead


This shaded trail offers a beautiful taste of the Coronado National Forest with a unique desert/pine-tree forest blend of terrain starting about half-way up Mt Lemmon and 10-15 degrees cooler than in town. Come explore nature and experience the vast mental and physical health benefits of hiking in Tucson! This trail does have climbing and steps right from the beginning and is at slightly higher altitude.


  • June 3
  • 8AM- 10AM


  • Lower Green Mountain Trailhead, past mile marker 11 on the right, directly after Middle Bear Picnic Area
  • There is no address for this trailhead, but "Lower Green Mountain Trailhead" can be put into Google Maps, as well as Middle Bear Picnic Area

June 3, 2023