June 18, 2022

Beyond Hike - June 2022


Sunset Trail, Mount Lemmon


Hike Description (Level 2)

  • Mileage- 3 miles
  • Elevation Gain- 500ft
  • Terrain Description- This out and back hike begins near the top of Mt Lemmon in the Pine and Ponderosa trees. We will hike surrounded by beautiful green foliage and cooler temperatures. The trail will first begin downhill with some sections being moderately steep. Once we continue down to the halfway point, we will head back up the same way we came. Challenges for this hike are the moderate descending and ascending sections as well as the altitude.
  • If you have done our level two or three hikes in the past without trouble, this hike might be for you. If you have been on a level 1 hike and struggled, this hike is not for you.
  • If you want to view past hikes with their levels or have any more questions, click here to view the Hiking Program webpage, then click on “procedures”. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Hike Details

  • When
  • June 18
  • 8AM to approximately 11-12PM
  • Where
  • Sunset Trailhead
  • Parking lot is on Soldiers Camp Rd. There is not a specific address for this trailhead. When heading up the mountain the trailhead is past mile marker 23 on the left, and is just past the Butterfly Trailhead. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash the entire time.


  • If you would like a ride or are willing to help others by giving a ride, please respond to this email saying you give permission for me to put you in a group email list with everyone else. I myself will have no part in coordinating rides. The purpose of this is to connect one another with what side of town you are driving from, what side of town you need to be picked up from etc. You may then connect with one another by replying to emails individually.
  • The upcoming hike has a suggested rondevu point of Le Buzz on E Tanque Verde road
  • If you decide to carpool, this is at your discretion and is not a service Beyond is responsible for. The purpose of this email list is to help connect those who need or are willing to give a ride. It will be up to you to ensure your and your vehicle's safety as well as a ride there AND back.
  • The carpool group email will be sent out the same day as the hike details email, which will be the Tuesday before every hike. If you want to join the list, please email me at least 48 hours before this date.

After the hike, please come hang out and join us to connect with each other and enjoy a nourishing snack!

June 18, 2022