Diego Martinez Barrera


My name is Diego Martinez Barrera and I have been a part of the BEYOND Team since 2017 as the Community Outreach Coordinator. In addition to assisting at various community health and wellness events, I’ve also had opportunity to support the Tucson community in pursuit of their health goals. BEYOND is supporting me in a health and wellness certification program through Pima Community College. Through this I hope to acquire more skill sets and establish relationships with other people that will better allow me to help them in achieving a healthier lifestyle and connecting them with partner organizations that tie into the four core pillars of BEYOND: Move????????, Explore⛺, Nourish????, and Connect????.

From taking low SES youth to outings with Cam Juarez from Saguaro National Park and engaging in educational dialogues about the importance of the preservation of nature and immersing oneself in it. To collaborating with Deanna Lewis, DrPH from the U of A to help cultivate relationships and promote inclusive and diverse health opportunities such as our Mercado Weekly Walks that is now a collaboration between the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and Mission Garden Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace.

As I like to think, the opportunities are infinite, and I encourage folks from all walks of life to reach out, engage with their community and seek their passions in going BEYOND their own limitations!

February 19, 2020

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