Create a Community Garden of Metal Flowers

If you’ve ever wanted to make a sculpture out of metal, here is your chance. Create your own flower, butterfly or snail out of steel for the Community Garden of Metal Flowers, at Beyond Tucson. You don’t need any experience in working with metal – there will be professionals there to help you. I came up with the idea for the ‘garden’ as a way to bring people together, to build something beautiful, nurturing and lasting for our community.
First, I asked the survivors and families of the victims of January 8 if they would draw pictures of flowers for the garden. Then I took all these drawings and used them as templates to cut petals, leaves, stems and garden creatures out of metal. On January 7, you can choose the pieces you want and then pound, shape and weld them into  your own, unique flowers or creatures. After the event, art classes in Tucson schools will paint and decorate them and the final pieces will be gathered into a commemorative sculpture later in the year.
So please join me at the Community Garden of Metal Flowers project at the Oro Valley Family Fun Day at James D. Kriegh Park, from 12:00 to 3:00 on January 7. For more information, see our page.

Tidhar “Tidi” Ozeri
Ozeri Metal Designs