Pima County Faith-based Community Initiatives

Participating in BEYOND gives us the opportunity to pay back the caring and energy that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her staff modeled for the community.  Gabe Zimmerman was totally committed to making our world a better place.  It is difficult to reconcile ourselves to his loss and the loss of all who died. We are grateful for those who were injured but lived. We commiserate with their painful recoveries but rejoice that they are with us.

Those who were lost and those who were injured represent our best. They were involved and connected to the process of improving our community. That’s why they were in that place on that day. It is important that we honor and continue their involvement.  BEYOND is a wonderful way to stay connected to their values and their spirit of caring.  Let each of us commit to making our corner of the world an active, caring community of family, friends, and neighbors.