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Healing words from my heart for you, Gabby, your family, each of you, our community & country  by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 5:11pm

Have I told you how my writing helps my heart heal through the expression of emotion?  After the shock of Saturday’s senseless tragedy, it’s taken some time for the feelings to begin to surface. What I wrote today has brought a tad of healing, after a long walk with my husband down by the Santa Cruz River.  There is so much more needed.  May it come for us all.  

Following is a letter, prayer, poem I wrote for you,respectfully Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, more personally,Gabby.  It came through this morning.  Below that is a poem I wrote several years ago which accompanied a crystal butterfly cube I delivered to your Tucson office to be given to you in Houston. The delicate butterfly represents the fragility of life with wings to soar to a complete healing for you, for all of the victims, for all of the families, for you and me and everyone touched by the tremendous loss brought about from this senseless act of violence.

I first met you, in person, Gabby at the first Tucson Festival of Books Authors’ Reception. I gifted you a set of my books and you later sent me a postcard letting me know that “they are uniquely Southern Arizona and speak to our beautiful desert and cultural diversity.  They will hold a special place of honor in my library.” You also went out of your way to personally deliver 3 sets of books I personalized for President Barack & First Lady, Michell, Obama and their daughters, Malia and Sasha.  I will be eternally grateful to you for this, yet for so much more.  Gracias – un millón.

1.10.11 ©

Dearest Gabby,

May these words be morsels that help heal your body, mind and Spirit to complete, perfect wholeness

For the good of vibrant, intelligent, wonderful you

For your family – for each and every loved one

For the gift of all whose lives you’ve touched and continue to do so in ways you do not even imagine

For the greatness of receiving from all who have and wish to touch your life with gratitude, love, and Divine Light that  is – without a doubt, at every moment, being bestowed upon you

Being sent to you through:

Prayers, vigils, and writings

Hugs as wishes,

Breath as the breeze

Tears as raindrops that flow from our eyes,

Candles lit all over the world

For this amazing you, this amazingly vibrant Arizona girl

Enough candles in the midst of a grassy field

To illuminate the entire desert as do the stars in a moonless sky

Light and love enough to radiate and rally your Spirit to its rebounding self

All to bestow upon you every energetic ion which will fill, surround and nourish your body, mind and Spirit.

May your Soul soar through and beyond the difficulties

Gently and in its own time

May you reap from each challenge

A harvest whereupon you will be stronger, filled with compassion, wisdom and justice, as always.

May you emerge transformed for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of your family, the community of Tucson, the state of Arizona, the United States of America, our planet Earth

And, for yourself, Gabby.

You Will.


I began writing to heal, without realizing that’s what I was doing, when I was 15.  Today I am grateful for the passion I have developed for writing, how it helps me journey through the different tides life brings our way; be it sorrow or anger, love, joy, or comfort.  When I speak to students, I encourage them to find their passion, explain what that means and share how that can bring much joy to them, as well as help them help others, and give them a head start on a positive life.

During my teaching years, I wrote some stories to help my students learn to read, whether their home language was English or Spanish.  I created pieces by writing what flowed from my heart, culturally appropriate; sometimes coming through in Spanish first. Today I am fortunate to have two bilingual books so far:  MY NANA’S REMEDIES/LOS REMEDIOS DE MI NANA and HIP, HIP, HOORAY, IT’S MONSOON DAY!/¡AJÚA, YA LLEGÓ EL CHUBASCO!, published by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

I wrote poems for my younger brother who was dying of cancer.  Those poems helped bring courage, comfort and faith to this painful situation.  I saw my brother transform his fear of leaving this planet to acceptance and readiness for what awaited him BEYOND.

Sharing stories with children and families the day of BEYOND will bring another piece of healing for me as I strive to impart compassion, grace and a renewed belief in humanity, as is my goal, always.

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