4Tucson: partnership with BEYOND a true no-brainer!

4Tucson has a goal of making Tucson one of the most livable cities in the world.  That makes our partnership with BEYOND a true no-brainer.  We in 4Tucson were working with several other Christian organizations in our city to plan an event on January 8 when we learned about what the BEYOND coalition was planning.  We quickly, unanimously, and excitedly decided that we’d much rather support and bless all the awesome plans already under way than do our own thing and develop a smaller coalition than what was already in place.  We will be encouraging individuals in dozens/hundreds of churches in our community to participate in the events planned for the day, and we’ll be praying prayers of blessing and protection over our city and over all the activities of January 7th and 8th.

Dave Drum

Director of Church Domain, 4Tucson