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AZ Daily Star 10/12/11: Tucson community event in 2012 will commemorate Jan. 8

by Stephanie Innes, Arizona Daily Star

“BEYOND – commemorate * celebrate * commit” is the name of a community event that’s in the works to commemorate the Jan. 8, 2011 shooting tragedy in Tucson.

Tucson Medical Center has signed on as an initial sponsor and the group organizing the event is looking for more support.

The event is planned for Saturday, Jan. 7. The mission is to involve the whole community an array of events from dawn to dusk that day that involve physical activities like walking, hiking, running, riding and strolling.

By coming together, Tucsonans can remember what happened here in January, “acknowledge how it has changed us and celebrate our community,” an event flyer says.

“These events and programs will promote the physical and mental health of the members of our community – a positive response to a horrific event,” says a descriptor of the event, which organizers hope will become an annual community commemoration.

“Forward motion, physical and mental stimulation, and fun are the theme of the day, preceding more somber activities organized by others on Jan. 8, 2012. Our goal is to commemorate a terrible event with positive action, celebrate the place we call home, and commit to a better future.”

The event has a website:

The Tucson Trails Tribute Fund is the major impetus behind BEYOND. The fund was established by Gabe Zimmerman’s family to support the efforts of a broad coalition working together to pay tribute to the victims of theshooting tragedy.

Zimmerman, 30, was a member of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ staff and one of the six people shot and killed Jan. 8. Giffords was one of 13 people shot and injured that day and continues to rehabilitate in Houston.

Money donated to the Tucson Trails Tribute Fund will support the coalition’s work and help cover the costs associated with implementing the Jan. 7 commemorative event.

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